Why Move-On-Sense?

Reason to choose Move-On-Sense:

We don’t sell readymade scripts through which you can start a business on the next day. Do you think it is in any way possible to have a system like uber in $1500 or $2000?


That is why we have developed the app using own coding and never used any previously used codes or any scripts for maximum Scalability and Quality.

In future, if you have plans of upgrading your business, when compared to scripts choosing Move-On-Sense a Custom “Ready to Go” Solution will ensure a bug free experience.

Custom “Ready to Go” Solution

We believe in custom development, but it can be too costly and time taking process for you. So, keeping that in mind we decided to build a Custom “Ready To Go” solution which has benefits of both Custom development and Readymade scripts.


We do not restrict ourselves in toTechnology, we always starve for interesting, challenging and exciting opportunities to make ourselves fit into any market any time.


Understand and Feel the Difference

Custom Development

  • Unique
  • Can establish genuine business
  • For serious buyers with lot of Time and Money.

  • Highly Time consuming.
  • Very expensive.

Move On Sense

  • Unique
  • Faster & Cheaper than custom development.
  • Can establish genuine business.
  • Less time consuming still in your Budget.
  • Smart & Serious buyers who wants to run their business for a long time with maximum results.
  • 99.99% Bug free and Fresh coding.
  • Highly scalable.
  • 100% Customizable

Readymade Scripts

  • Very fast delivery.
  • Cheapest.
  • Not Unique.
  • Not a Bug free.
  • Not Scalable.
  • Not Reliable.
  • Old structures.
  • Compatibility issues with New OS versions.


We provide custom uber clone solution based on your requirements to get a unique application in the market. The uber like app development we provide is a quick custom development with our unique Move-On-Sense a Custom “Ready to Go” Solution which helps you to bring down the development cost, development time yet give you a custom uber clone. Do not worry about the quality delivers to you, as it is not readymade neither copied, it is enabled for the next Generations.